Yuro 70WP 1Liter

Yuro 70WP 1Liter

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For the control of fresh water snails infesting rice.

Directions for use



Gram Product/Sprayer Load (16 liters)

Sprayer load per hectare


Golden apple snail (kuhol)

35 grams or 1 sachet




  1. Maintain a level field as much as possible for better golden apple snail control.
  2. Before application of Yuro 70WP irrigate the field to a water depth of 3 cm and allow most of the snails to surface.
  3. Use 350grams or 10 sachets (35 grams per sachet) of YURO 70WP per hectare.
  4. Spray the solution evenly on the rice paddy.
  5. When rainfall is expected soon or when water depth is more than 3 cm, ensure that the treated water is maintained in the field.
  6. When mixing put the required quantity of YURO 70WP into the sprayer tank partially filled with water while continuously stirring. Then fill the sprayer tank to its required level and continue to agitate to get a good mixture.


Re-entry period: Do not enter the treated field within 48 hours after application.

Compatiblity: Do not mix YURO 70wp with other products

Wokozim Yield Booster

Active Ingredient:

Niclosamide Ethanofamine Salt 700g/kg

Inert Ingredients 300g/kg