Wokozim Yield Booster 900ml

Wokozim Yield Booster 900ml

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 Directions for use

For field crops, the recommended rate in general 225-450ml/ hectare per application. For horticultural crops, use 1-2ml. Wokozim per liter (for high volume spray) or 2tbsp/16 liters water. For best results, apply early in the morning or late in the afternoon, when rain is not expected.


WOKOZIM improves the productivity/ yield of almost all crops to it’s potential. This includes fruit crops, vegetables, plantation crops, cereals, oil-producing corps and fiber crops. Some important crops are listed under application guide.

Active Ingredient:

Organic Matter 8.0% Nitrogen 5.35%

Micronutrients: Iron 0.10% Copper 0.04%

Manganese 0.17% Zinc 0.06%