Weedblaster 480SL   1 Liter

Weedblaster 480SL 1 Liter

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Weed Blaster Glyphosate 480

Post Emergent Weed Killer

Weed Blaster is a water soluble herbicide applied as foliar spray. It provides complete control of perennial grasses, broadleaf weeds and sedges as well as annual feed. Weed Blaster is absorbed into the leaf surface and translocated to roots and rhizomes. One application of Weed blaster herbicide controls both above and underground parts of emerged. Weeds. Weed Blaster is immediately inactivated upon in contact with soil. It has no residual soil activity. It will not injure crop seeded or transplanted following its use. Since weed blaster has no residual soil activity, it will not control weeds that emerge from seeds following its application.

Directions for Use:

Add one-half the required amount of water to the mixing spray tank the required amount of WEED BLASTER and mix well before adding the remaining portion of water. For knapsacks sprayers it is suggested to  mix the solution in separate container and then fill the knapsack sprayer with the mixed solution. Early dry season low volume spraying of Weed Blaster applied at 200 to 400 of cogon or on shorter species such as mutha, Weed Blaster will provide a minimum of 7 Months.

Emergency Overview:  CAUTION-IRRITANT. Keep out of reach of children. MAY CAUSE EYE IRRITATION. HARMFUL IF SWALLOWED. Avoid contact with eyes or prolonged contact with skin.

Effects of Acute Exposure:

Ingestion:         This product is no more than slightly toxic based on toxicity studies. No significant adverse health effects are expected to develop if only small amounts (less than a mouthful) are swallowed. Ingestion of similar formulations has been reported to produce gastrointestinal discomfort with irritation of the mouth, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Oral ingestion of large quantities of one similar product has been reported to result in hypotension and edema.

Skin Contact:   This product is no more than slightly toxic and no more than slightly irritating based on toxicity studies. Prolonged contact may cause dermal irritation.

Inhalation:        This product is no more than slightly toxic if inhaled based on toxicity studies.

Eye Contact:     This product may cause eye irritation.

 Active Ingredients:

Glyphosate-IPA Salt 480g/L

Surfactants& Solvents-H20 705g/L