Racumin Paste 1KG

Racumin Paste 1KG

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A highly palatable bait

Reduced risk to non target animals

Ideal for integrated rodent management program

Active Ingredients:

Coumatetralyl .375g/kg

Racumin Paste is a universal bait to control rats and mice in all areas (homes, industrial and commercial premises, public places, etc) including locations with high humidity, such as sewage systems, dumps, animal stables and agricultural farms. Due to its special formulation RACUMIN paste presents the following benefits:

-excellent palatability

-stays attractive and effective even under humid conditions

-convenient handling

-ready to use

-biodegradable packaging

- contains BITREX

Insignificant amount of oil on the sachets are intended to increase the attractiveness of the product to the target rats.

Directions for Use

Place the paste on bait on or in places frequented by rats e.g. rate holes, runways, feeding places. Use up to 200g of paste bait at each baiting point depending upon the infestation level. It its best to point depending upon the infestation level. It is best to put it in bait containers. Continue replacing the bait until no more of it is eaten by rats.

Re-Entry period

None, access to premises are allowed once application of product is complete.