Racumin 7.5/kg coumatetralyl 1KG

Racumin 7.5/kg coumatetralyl 1KG

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Tracking powder for the control of field rats

Directions for use:

Pest: Field rats

Methods of Application:

  1. Dispersable powder formulation

The preparation should be sprinkled not too thinly in rat holes on rat runs and around hiding places. Leave the powder down for at least 5 days and replenish as required.

  1. Bait poison formulation

One part by weight of the product is mixed with 19 parts of bait such as broken rice or ground corn and laid out in all places frequented by rats. The baits must be laid out for  least five successive days that is as long as the rats consume them. It is most essential that the baits are in good condition during this period.

Frequency of Application: Coumarin compounds have a cumulative action, i.e. small quantities must be consumed on several consecutive days until the specific symptoms of poisoning appear. Consequently it is the repeated uptake of small dosages and not a single uptake of a large quantity that gives eradication of rodents. Racumin with its new type of active ingredient guarantees control of field rats also when the rodents occur in large quantities.