Onecide 1Liter

Onecide 1Liter

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Selective and systemic post-emergence herbicide to control grass weeds in onions, tomato, citrus, pineapple, bananas, coffee, cacao, cotton and soybeans

Spray Guide


mL/16L Sprayload

Timing of Application

Main Target Weeds

Onions, Tomatoes, Soybeans


Weeds at 2-4 leaf stage

Jungle Rice Goosegrass

Bermuda Grass

Citrus, Pineapple, Banana, Coffee, Cacao, Cotton


Weeds at least 3 leaf stage


Crab grass


The addition of non-ionic surfactant is recommended to enhace the activity of onecide 15EC. Add 30ml per liters of spray solution.

Mixing Instructions: Pour one half of the volume of water into the sprayer, add the required quantity of ONECIDE 15EC and mix thoroughly before adding the remaining amount of water.

Application: Maintain constant speed and pressure for uniform application of herbicide. Do not apply herbicide when heavy rain is imminent. ONECIDE 15EC provides very limited control of grass weeds that emerge after application. ONECIDE 15EC can be applied over the top for the following crops.

Onion, tomatoes, cotton and soybeans: Apply 2-5 leaf stage of itchgrass or crabgrass, at 4-6 leaf stage of other grass weeds or when most grass weeds have emerged but not beyond 30 days after sowing or transplanting.

Pineapple: Apply the herbicide at 6-8 leafstage of grasses. A second application maybe necessary if considerable regrowth or new flush of grass weeds occur after the first application. Last Application must be 14 days before harvest.

Bananas, cacao, citrus, coffee, oil palm, ramie and rubber: Apply the herbicide at intervals of 50 days or when rubber apply the herbicide at intervals of 50 days or when 50-75% regrowth occurs from the previous application. For bananas, application can be done 1 day before harvest. For citrus, last application can be done 7 days before harvest.

Direction for Safe Storage: Store only in original container tightly close in a cool, dry land safe place. Any left over material must be kept in the original container. Flammable. Keep away from open flames.

Active Ingredients:

Fluazifop-p-Butyl 150g/L

Soybean Oil, Emulsifier 850g/L