Mega-Boom Mango Flower Inducer 1KG

Mega-Boom Mango Flower Inducer 1KG

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One application of MEGA-BOOM is sufficient to induce early flowering of mango trees within 7-14 days after application.

For Best results, start spraying MEGA-BOOM when the rainy season is almost over. Apply the product towards mid-morning on a sunny day when the temperature is high and when no rain is expected within the next 3-5 hours after spraying.

Directions for Use:

Mix 1 kg of Mega-Boom in 7 to 8.5 Kerosene canfuls of water. To obtin a good mixture first dissolve 1kg of Mega-Boom ina small amount of water then add the mixture into the recommende water volume while stirring gradually. The flower inducer solution is sufficient to cover one or more tree depending on the size of the crown. During the months of September to December, use 8.5 kerosene canful with 1 kg of Mega-Boom. Use a sprayer equipped with fine or mist nozzle for efficient application and coverage. Spray Mega-Boom beginning at the top of the tree crown and moving towards the sides. Stop Application when the leaves are fully covered and are dripping wet.

 Composition: %W/W

KNO3  35.0

NaNO3  50.0

Inerts: (sticker, anti-caking, colorant, etc) 15.0