Kuholkill 1KG

Kuholkill 1KG

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For the control of golden apple snails in transplanted, direct seeded rice and snails and slugs in ornamental, crucifer and strawberry.

Kuholkil 6% is an attractant bait with contact and stomach action recommended for the control of golden apple snails in transplanted, direct seeded rice and snail and slugs in ornamental crucifer and strawberry.

Direction for use:



No of Kgs/ha

Time and method of application

Transplanted Rice

Golden Apple

Snail (Kuhol)

2 to 4

Broadcast 2 kgs of Kuholkil 6% pellets into 1-2 inches of standing water immediately after transplanting. When needed a follow-up application of 2kgs. Maybe made 2 to 3 days later.

Direct Seeded Rice

Golden Apple Snail


4 to 8

Broadcast 2 kgs of Kuholkill 6% pellets into rice paddles with 0.5 -1 inch of standing water immediately after seeding. A follow up application of 2-6 kgs. Maybe made  4 to 6 days later depending on the existing live snail population.

Potted and Driftwood attached Plants such as Anthurium, dondronium, epidendrum, cattleya

Bush Snails, Giant African Snail and Slugs

1 to 2

Apply 1 pellet per pot or 1 pellet per square meter on ground and around vegetation or 2 to 3 pellets per deadwood where orchids are mounted. Two to three applications of these pellets in the same area at one week interval are sufficient to keep down snail and slug population.

Crucifer (Chinese Cabbage) and Strawberry

Slug, Snails

6 to 8

Broadcast 6-8kgs of Kuholkil pellets within the plots planted with cruicifers and strawberry. Four application rounds are sufficient enough to control slugs throught the cropping period.


Active ingredient:

Metaldehyde 60g/kg

Inert ingredients: Carrier Binder 940g/kg