HumusPlus 100g

HumusPlus 100g

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Plant growth stimulant and soil conditioner

Net Weight: 100grams

Guaranteed Analysis

Humic Acid (dry basis) 87.5%

Potassium as K20( dry basis) 12.1%

Organic Matter 91.12%

Ph Value 10

Water Solubility 100%

Size 80 mesh

Appearance Brownish-Black Powder

Humus Plus is an organic based soil conditioner and fertilizer enhancer which contains humic acid, potassium, and other organic minerals. This product is proven to be safe and effective, eco friendly and natural .


Fertilizer Mixing 1-2 sachet/50kg of fertilizer

Foliar Spraying/ Fertigation and Seed Soaking 1-2 Tbsp per 16 liters of water


-Strengthens root vitality

-promotes quicker seed germination

-better resistance to stress

-enhances production and crop appearance

-stimulates existing soil bacteria

-reduces need for daily watering

-loosens binds sandy soil

-increases organic matter

-reduces soil compaction

-enhances nutrient uptake

Recommended Usage

  • It may be applied to agronomic and horticultural crops.
  • It is comparable with most conventional fertilizers and mixed at the rate of 1-2 sachet per sack to improve the absorption of nutrients
  • It may be dissolved in water and applied directly to the soil or plants. It can be used as foliar fertilizer to improve the uptake of nutrients and other active ingredients. There is no risk or overdose as it is non-toxic.