Hormex 2oz

Hormex 2oz

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Double Acting Growth Vitamine Hormone

Vitamin horomone concentrate for prevention of transplant shock and for promotion of root and plant growth


-Absolutely stops plantic shock

- promotes vigorous growth

-use as a pre-planting dip for cloning plants

-guaranteed planting and cloning success

-keeps cut flowers fresh

-make indoor plants thrive


Transplanting- Drench newly planted soil area with Hormex Solution containing 4 drops per liter of water once per week until established.

Bare Root Planting- Before placing bare root plants into soil, soak plants for 15 minutes in solution of 2 teaspoons of Hormex per liter of water. Then follow the transplanting directions prescribed for your particular plant.

Indoor Plants- Water your plants with hormex solution containing 4 drops of hormex per liter of water. This helps plants develop a healthy rooting system and lush foliage.

Cut flowers- A hormex solution of ½ teaspoon Hormex per liter of water will make cut flowers last longer.

Cuttings- Dip the base of cuttings in pure hormex for 1 minute before planting in soil.

Ensure that Hormex gets to the plant root. Soil should be highly penetrable . Any dried Hormex left after opening bottle is still good. For reviving damaged plants, you may soak thirsty root area in a solution of 1 oz Hormex per 4 liters of water until roots become stable.

Active Ingredient:

Thiamine Hydrochloride 0.25%

Naphthyl Acetic Acid 0.24%

Indole Butyric Acid 0.013%