Hometrek TC  1liter

Hometrek TC 1liter

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Hometrek TC

Termicide Concentrate

1 Liter

Restricted Pesticide for use on termite control only

Directions for use:

  1. Pre- Construction treatment: Mix 1L Hometrek/ 50 Liters of Water or

2 parts Hometrek: 100 liters of water

  1. apply an overall treatment under entire surface of floor slab including pouch floors and entrance platform at the rate of 4 liters solution per square meter. Fi fill is washed gravel or other coarse material , apply at the rate of 7 liters solution per square meter.
  2. hollow block foundation or voids of masonry should e treated to make a continuous chemical barrier in the voids. Apply at the rate of 7 liters per 3 linear meters.
  3. for crawl spaces, apply at the rate of 15 liters solution per 3 linear meters per 30 cm of depth from grade to bottom of foundation. Treat both sides of foundation and around all piers and pipes.
  4. Post construction treatment: Mix 1L Hometrek / 50 Liters of water

Apply 5 liters of solution per linear meter of trench 1 to 2 feet around building being treated.  Treat soil backfill and soil under around porches and piers. Cover the treated soil with layer of untreated soil or other suitable barrier like polyethlyne sheeting.

  1. Retreatment
  2. Retreatment for subterranean termite should only be made when there is evidence of reinfestation subsequent to the initial treatment or there has been a disruption of the chemical barrier in the soil due to construction, excavation, landscaping etc.
  3. retreatment may be made to critical areas or wood structure exposed to sunlight and other weather elements in accordance with prescribed application techniques. This application should be made as a spot treatment. To these areas as necessary.


Storage and Disposal: Store in cool and dry place away from heat, sparks, and open flame. Do not re-use empty containers. Triple rinse, crush and bury empty, containers away from water sources.


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