Fendona 1Liter

Fendona 1Liter

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High Performance Residual Insecticide

Fendona 1.5 SC is a high performance residual insecticide, which provides exerted control of a wide range of public health pests such as cockroaches, houseflies, mosquitoes, ants and flour beetles at low dosage rate. Its excellent stability and particulate formulations give outstanding residual activity even on porous surfaces significantly reducing operating costs and callbacks.

Fendona 1.5 SC is suitable for use in domestic and institutional premises, public and in industry. It is of low toxicity to humans and domestic animals and can be used in hospital, kitchens, restaurants and food processing and storage areas.

Directions for USE



Required Product per 5 liter water

Flying and crawling insects (e.g. cockroaches, mosquitoes, houseflies, ants)




Heavy Infestation/ extended persistence


Stored product pests e.g. Flour beetles ( residual surface treatment)




Extended persistence


Critical Remarks: For crawling insects apply as a coarse low-pressure spray to areas where pests frequent. For flying insects, apply as  a surface treatment using a fine spray to wet the surface. Apply 5 liters of diluted spray solution per 100 square meters for best results.


Fendona 1.5 SC should be thoroughly mixed with water to give the required concentration. Treated surfaces should be thoroughly sprayed to the point of minimal run-off, ensuring uniform coverage and paying particular attention to those areas where insects are most likely to come into contact with the insecticide. A repeat spraying may be done after 4-6 months. It can be applied with a knapsack sprayer or other conventional spray equipment used to control public health pests. A higher volume of water may be required on very absorbent surfaces.

Active Ingredient:

Alphacyperethrin 15g/L

Inert Ingredient 158g/L

Water to 1 Liter