Chess 50WG 80 grams

Chess 50WG 80 grams

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Insecticide for use against leafhoppers in mango:

Chess 50WG is an insecticide with a mode of action that stops the insect from feeding to starvation and death.

Direction for USE

Chess 50WG is recommended as a diluted foliar spray at the following rate:



No of Sachets per 200L


Mango Leafhopper


1 Sachet=80g product

Frequency and Timing of Application: Begin application at bud emergence until the start of fruit setting. Apply at one to two weeks interval depending on the population of leafhoppers.

Re-entry period: Do not enter treated fields until spray deposits have completely dried.

Ph: No PHI proposed as the product will be applied at least 20 to 40 days before harvest.

Active Ingredient

Pymetrozine 500g/kg

Inert Ingredients:

Wetting and dispersing agents 152g/kg

Antifoaming agents

Carriers: max338