Captan 50WP 1KG

Captan 50WP 1KG

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Fungicide for the control of fungal diseases in grapes, mango, cucumber ornamentals, oil palm, and other crops specified under directions for use

Directions for use: Put recommended amount of captan into the spray tank. Do not allow mixture to stand. Maintain agitation during filling and spraying operations. Captan 50WP is highly recommended for preventing and controlling diseases of the crops listed below. Start spraying at first sign of infection and repeat as needed in corn.

Captan 50WP is also recommended as seed dressing teatement ½- 1kg ton of seed.  


Captan 50WP is compatiblte with commonly used insecticides and fungicides that are not alkaline in nature. It is not compatible with alkaline materials such as lime sulphur, spray lime and Bordeaux mixtures. It will not tank mix with sprayable dormant oils and should not be used closely following sprays. When tank mixing, it is always important to start with a clean tank one-half full of the desired amount of water when needed with the agitation running. Always add and fully disperse the Captan 50WP first, add adjuvants next and liquid products and emulsifiable products last. Add the remaining water to the desired volume.

Pre-Harvest Interval.

When applied at recommended rates, very short or no harvest interval will normally be necessary.

Re-entry: After spray has dried up.

Active Ingredient:

Captan 500g/kg

Dispersing agent, carrier, filler 500g/kg