Apsa-80 1Liter

Apsa-80 1Liter

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All purpose spray adjuvant concentrate

For plants and crops

Nonionic surfactant: spreader, activator for use as wetting agent in dispersing herbecides, insecticides, fungicides and foliar fertilizers.

Active Ingredients:

Nonionic surfactant (alyk,aryl, alkaxylate) and tall oil free fatty acid 80%

Inert Ingredients 20%

Directions for use:

Before mixing, read all pesticide and foliar fertilizer labels for specific mixing instructions and caution statements. A compatibility test is recommended when mixing chemicals for the first time.

  1. Add the water to the spray tank.
  2. Add Apsa-8- Concentrate to the tank and mix well.
  3. Add herbecides, insecticides, fungicides, or foliar fertilizer that is to be used according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Amounts to Use:

With herbicide: 175-350ml per hectare or 3-16 ml per 16 liter of water

With Insecticide: 3-6ml per 16 liters of water

With Foliar Fertilizers 3-6 ml per 16 liters of water.