Antracol WP 70 1KG

Antracol WP 70 1KG

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Organic fungicide for the control of fungal diseases of tomato, tobacco, potatoes, mango, vegetables, citrus fruits, coffee, ornamentals, banana, asparagus, and rice specified and under directions for use.

Antracol WP 70 is an organic fungicide noted for its fast action and its excellent residual activity. It is especially suitable for protective control of downy mildews on tobacco and vegetables as well as for the control of Phytophtora and Alternaria on potatoes and tomatoes. Good results have been obtained with ANTRACOL WP 70 against leaf spot diseases of vegetables.

Antracol WP 70 also checks spread of powdery miles and rusts.

Antracol WP 70 is well-tolerated at the specified dosages by the crops for which it is recommended.

Antracol WP 70 is noted for its excellent dispensability and suspension property. It gives full coverage of treated leaves. It has a good sticking property so that it is not easily washed off by rain.

Precautions: Store in original container, tightly closed away from foods and feedstuffs. Avoid skin contact and inhalation of spray mist. After work, thoroughly wash hands, face and all parts of the body contaminated with spray using plenty of soap and water after use. Bury empty containers. Avoid Contamination of any water supply with chemical or container.

Active INgredient:

700g/kg Propineb

Polymeric Zinc Propylenebis