Peter’s Professional Stem Soluble Trace Element Mix 1lb

Peter’s Professional Stem Soluble Trace Element Mix 1lb

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Plant micro-nutrient feed supplement


  • Better Yield
  • Improving plant stand
  • Boosting plant resistance against viruses and diseases


-Certain plants are partly sensitive to micro nutrient deficiency specially those grown in soils with low pH which inhibits the uptake of micro nutrients that are essential for plant growth.

-Micronutrients are essential for plant growth and healthy crop. However, it is usually unavailable for the plants because it is not included in most fertilizer formulations.

-It is designed and specifically formulated for easy absorption by plant through foliar application by plant through foliage application to immediately correct any micro nutrient deficiencies.

-Stem will improved yield weight and color of horticultural crops; it will improve tissue development plant stand and increase plant’s resistance to virus and diseases.

-Peter’s Professional Stem is compatible with wide range of pesticide

Dosage: Dissolve 5-8 grams per 16 liters of water or 0.5 grams in 1 liter of water.

Product Information:

Guaranteed Analysis

Sulfer (S) (Combined) 13%

Boron(B) 1.35%

Copper(Cu)(Soluble) 2.3%

Iron(Fe) (Soluble) 7.5%

Manganese (Mn) Total 8%

8% Water Soluble Manganese (Ma)

Molybdenum(Mo) 0.04%

Zinc(Za)(Soluble) 4.5%