Boxer 5ec 1Liter

Boxer 5ec 1Liter

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A broad spectrum synthetic pyrethoid insecticide for the control of insect pest of rice, mango, corn, watermelon, tomato, onion beans, tobacco, banana and cotton.

Frequency and timing of application: Start foliar application as soon as pests appear and repeat at 7 to 14 days interval if necessary. For banana, apply as bud injection to control thrips and as foliar spray to control scarring bettles.

Compatibility: Boxer 5 EC is compatible with most commonly used insecticides, except with alkaline-based compounds.

Re-entry period: Re-entry to treated field is allowed as soon as spray deposits dry.

Pre-harvest interval: For all crops, 7 days.

Active Ingredient:

Cypermethrin 50g/L

Solvent and Oil 850g/L

Emulsifiers 100g/L