Basagran  48SL  1Liter
Basagran  48SL  1Liter
Basagran  48SL  1Liter

Basagran 48SL 1Liter

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Selective Post-emergent Herbicide for the control of sedges and broadleaved weeds in rice.


Weeds Controlled

Dosage ( Tbsp per 16L water)

Time of Application


Perennial sedges and broad leaved weeds


Spray Basagran 48 SL

Once 14 days after transplanting/ seedling.


Mixing: Half-fill the sprayer tank with water. Add the required amount of Basagran while stirring vigorously. Add the remaining water to fill-up the spray tank. Use 1-1.5 liters Basagran 48 SL per hectare.

Compatibility: Basagran 48 SL is miscible with other herbicides, gramanicides, fungicides, urea and foliar fertilizers.

Pre harvest interval: 30 days before harvest.

Re-entry: Immediately after spray deposit has dried up.

 Active Ingredient: 480g/L Bentazon

Inert Ingredient: 520g/L