Applaud 25 SC 1Liter

Applaud 25 SC 1Liter

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Applaud 25 SC is an aqueous suspension concentrate with selective action

Insecticide for the control of insect pests of mango specified under directions for use.

Directions for use:

Applaud 25 SC is recommended for the control of leafhoppers in mango.


Pest Controlled

ML/200L water




For Best results: use spray volume 2,500L water/ha.

Frequency and Method of Application: Spray at the beginning of infestation particularly when nyphs are prevalent as product is active only at the stage when necessary. To Avoid contact with spray drips. Use ladder and or improvised pole guide for hose while spraying mango trees.

Compatibility: May be mixed with most commonly used pesticides. It is incompatible with highly alkaline products like Bordeaux-mixture.

Re-entry Period: Do not spray 15 days before harvest.


Buprofezin 250G/L

Inert Ingredients 750g/L

*Surface active agent, propylene glycol and water