2,4 D Ester  1 Liter

2,4 D Ester 1 Liter

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2,4D Herbicide for the control of sedges and broadleaf weeds in rice, corn and sugar cane.

2,4D Ester is a post emergent, selective, hormone-type emulsifiable concentrate weed killer. It is readily absorbed through the shoots and roots, gets translocated throughout the weed plants and causes disturbance in normal growth.

Active Ingredient:

2,4-D Isobutyl Ester 491g/L

and Equivalent  378g/L

Inert Ingredients:

Emulsifiers 50g/L

Solvent(Kerosene) 439 g/L

Method of Application:

2,4D Ester is applied as a post emergence herbicide. Apply ICTC 2,4D Easter as high volume spray thoroughly wetting the weeds to be controlled. Selective weed control is best accomplished and less expensive when the weeds are still young and the crops being weeded are not younger than 20 days after transplanting/ planting nor at blooming stage.

Pre-Harvest Interval: Do not spray within two days before harvest